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Design tips for parts that warp while printing (FFF/FDM)

When printing with fused filament 3D printers, some parts have a tendency to warp. Here are a couple different design strategies for overcoming part warping while printing.

When melted plastic is extruded it expands, then contracts immediately as it cools. Most warping starts at the corners near under cuts and overhangs. This is especially ture with materials that have higher thermal expansion cooefficents such as ABS.

Designing parts with vertical curves (filets) is one of the best ways to overcome part warping in a design. The larger the radius the more distributed the stesses.

Curved undercuts are likely to be where parts begin peeling away from the print bed.

Designing parts with an extra wide footing is sometimes necessary when thick brim layers are insufficient to hold parts to the print bed. Additionally, designing your own brim adds other benifits such as having the brim fully incorporated in the first few layers rather than breakable lines around the part.


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