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Inductive Sensor Auto-leveling Mod for Makerfarm Kits

Inductive Auto-leveling Modification for Makerfarm kits with Mount included. This requires swapping out one 15mm M3 screw for a 20mm M3 on the extruder carriage. Read our Instructable for more information:

You'll need: firmware update/change to Marlin to enable Auto-leveling. (Markerfarm uses Marlin) printed bracket inductive sensor like these:

In Marlin's config.h you will need to enable the Autoleveling features. It might make more sense to download the newest Marlin and reconfigure it. Makerfarm does not currently host Marlin versions that have auto-leveling enable-able.

You'll replace the z-end stop with the sensor which will sense a piece of foil tape on the bed. Marlin's auto-leveling supports the sensing of multiple level points. This mod only uses 4.

You can download the bracket file on thingiverse:

More updates on this to follow...


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