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Estimate your 3D model cost using these easy steps .

Check out our Portfolio for pictures of models we've printed.

3D Printing Service

  • Expert printing using Filament 3D Printing

  • High resolution, complex geometry capable

  • Compatible with many 2D or 3D digital files

  • PLA (bioplastic), PET, TPU, Carbon-Fiber Nylon, Medical ABS

  • Bulk discounts on small production runs or multiple part orders

  • Custom materials and colors available

We can print almost any 3D model designed for extrusion-based (FFF/FDM) 3D printers up to 18"x8"x40" (457.2 x 457.2 x 1000mm).

A wide variety of materials and colors are in stock with even more available.


If you're not sure if your model will print please visit our design page for some helpful tips.

Design services such as customization of existing 2D/3D files, file conversion, and component design and engineering are also available.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) - Plant-based Bio-Plastic, high rigidity, available in vibrant colors.  May warp if left in a hot car.

PET - Very durable and high strength. Great for applications needing wear resistance.   Prints well, but can be a little oozy.

Carbon-Fiber Nylon - High tensile strength with added rigidity and easier to print than standard Nylon.
ABS - Common consumer plastic, higher temperature tolerance than PLA.  More difficult to print, toxic fumes.

TPU - We offer flexible filaments (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) from Gizmo Dorks and NinjaFlex®.

Alloy 910 - Nylon based polymer with higher tensile strength and flexibility, but difficult to print due to warping.


For more detailed descriptions of the materials we offer, check out our materials page.

Contact us for custom materials and colors.

Maximum Build Area
The largest single object we can print must fit within 18"x8"x40" (457.2 x 457.2 x 1000mm)

3D print orders are charged by the cubic centimeter of material used. Cost may vary depending on fill rates, part complexity, support material, and part finishing.

Current material rates for FDM 3D prints using .3mm layer height are as follows:


Preffered Materials
PLA - $0.35/gram/cubic centimeter

PET - $0.45/gram/cubic centimeter

Carbon-Fiber Nylon  - $0.80/gram/cubic centimeter


Other Materials

ABS - $0.75/gram/cubic centimeter

PETT (T-Glase) - $0.50/gram/cubic centimeter

Gizmo Dorks TPU (flexible) - $0.45/gram/cubic centimeter

SemiFlex (TPU, flexible) - $0.55/gram/cubic centimeter

NinjaFlex (TPU, flexible) - $0.55/gram/cubic centimeter

Taulman Alloy 910 - $0.80/gram/cubic centimeter  + $20 setup fee

+10% for layer height @ .25mm
+15% for layer height @ .2mm
+20% for layer height @ .15mm

All quotes include free shipping anywhere in the US.

Reduced rates are available for multiple part orders.

Our Commitment
We're committed to meet our client's needs. In some cases, experimentation might be required to create high a quality prototype. This is our way of ensuring you get the best part possible with the technology we have available. We do our best to estimate accurate turnaround times and promptly communicate suggestions or project concerns. We think it's important to share our prototyping knowledge and hope our experience goes a long way towards making your project great. 

Check out and for print ideas and models.

Have a question about 3D printing or design? email:


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