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ProtoBuilds, LLC is an agile design and engineering firm located in Austin, TX specializing in rapid prototype development, automated fabrication, industrial design, and additive manufacturing services. We're proud to share our experience and know-how in providing 3D printing, prototyping and product development to an ever-changing landscape of creation.

ProtoBuild's 1200sqft commercial facility consists of an electronics lab and fabrication workshop equipped with CNC subtractive and additive (3D printing) machines including large format additive with further experience in advanced composite materials for additive and metamaterial research including the design of in-house equipment.

ProtoBuilds has worked for 100's of US-based clients the likes of SpaceX, NXP semiconductor, Lifesize, Samsung, Molex and has developed key equipment for companies ranging from automotive, manufacturing, custom automation, and bioscience industries and is a leader among in the local additive/rapid fabrication community with a reach of over 750,000 interactions on the world-wide-web via community published projects.

ProtoBuilds' full-time staff is augmented by an extensive network of subject matter experts in the many fields of engineering, software development, science, product research, development of novel design solutions, and mass manufacturing ranging from consumer device consulting to architectural conceptual design. Its goal is to provide elegant, practical solutions to every-day challenges through a creative lens with the input of the world around it to further technological development.

Principal Owner
Marshall Peck
Ower, lead designer, advanced fabrication specialist

Address and contact
305 East Saint Elmo Rd Ste #3 Austin, TX 78745
o (512) 521-1865
c (737) 202-1370



Instructables (over 750,000 views)

MakeXYZ: (Over 50 reviews from local professionals and makers!)

3D Hubs: (Over 30 reviews!)





Phone: (512) 521-1865


305 East Saint Elmo Rd Ste #3

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305 East Saint Elmo Rd Ste #3

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