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ProtoBuilds, LLC is an Austin-based industrial design and prototyping service specializing in rapid development for consumer products, custom automated fabrication equipment, mechanical design, and additive manufacturing (3D printing services). With 10 years of experience, we thrive in an ever-changing landscape of creation.

Our 1200sqft rapid fabrication workshop houses state-of-the-art equipment for specialized additive manufacturing, CNC machining, and electronics prototyping, enabling us to bring your ideas to life with precision.



ProtoBuilds has proudly served hundreds of US-based clients, including industry leaders such as SpaceX, NXP Semiconductor, Lifesize, Samsung, and Molex. We have developed crucial equipment for a wide range of sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, custom automation, and bioscience industries. Additionally, we have cultivated a strong presence in the local additive/rapid fabrication/maker community, engaging with over 850,000 individuals through

Our dedicated full-time staff is complemented by an extensive network of subject matter experts in engineering, software development, science, product research, and mass manufacturing. From consumer device consulting to architectural conceptual design, our goal is to provide elegant and practical solutions to everyday challenges, leveraging creative insights and the input of the world around us to drive technological development.

Principal Owner
Marshall Peck
industrial designer, advanced fabrication specialist

Address and contact
13800 dragline drive, ste C
‪(512) 228-2549‬

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Instructables: (over 850,000 views)

MakeXYZ: (Over 50 reviews from local professionals and makers!)

3D Hubs: (Over 30 reviews!)




Phone: (512) 228-2549‬

Address: 13800 dragline drive, ste c

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