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Voxel OX 3D printer and CNC platform



  • 20mm x 80mm and 20mm x 60mm black V-Slot frame

  • 8in x 8in x 8in build area

  • Up to 65mm/s print speed and up to 200mm/s travel speed

  • Lead screw driven Z axis

  • Belt driven X and Y axis




  • Heated Bed

  • Extruder Assembly

  • Hotend

  • Motors

  • Electronics:

    • Ramps and Arduino kit

    • Endstops

    • LCD screen

    • Power Supply

  • Accessories:

    • SD card

    • Spool holder

  • Tools:

    • Plastic putty scraper




Greg's Extruder Assembly Part List        

















X Motor Assembly Part List





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