Marshall's Greg's Wade extruder Fusion 360 rendering

Marshall's Greg's Wade Extruder 3D Printed Parts and Hardware



Extruder Body Color
Idler Color
Big Gear Color
Small Gear Color
  • Description

    Inspired by several wade's extruders. This is the extruder currently used for the Voxel OX 3D printer.


    3D Printed Parts:

    (1x) extuder body printed part, PETG 60% infill
    (1x) idler printed part, PETG 60% infill
    (1x) small gear printed part, PETG 60% infill
    (1x) large gear printed part, PETG 60% infill


    (4x) M3 10mm screw
    (1x) M3 6mm set screw 
    (1x) 8mm hobbed bolt
    (1x) 8mm lock collar
    (1x) M4 4mm set screw 
    (2x) 688 ball bearing 8x16x5
    (1x) 625 2RS ball bearing 5x16x5mm
    (1x) M5 20mm screw
    (3x) M3 20mm screw
    (1x) M3 nylock nut
    (2x) M3 50mm screw
    (4x) M3 nut
    (4x) Precision Shim 10x5x1mm
    (2x) Spring 1.2mm 7.5x5x20mm
    (4x) M5 10mm screw
    (2x) M5 T Nut

    Not Included:
    (1x) NEMA 17 Stepper Motors (76ozin)
    (1x) E3D V6 hotend
    (2x) 20x20 V-slot extrusion 80mm for mounting the extruder body to a universal V-Slot gantry plate



    A360 link for viewing and download:



    Dropbox folder with STEP and STL files:



    Marshall's Greg's Wade Extruder BOM spreadsheet:



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