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Han's Voxel OX 8"

Fully Assembled Voxel OX 8" 3D Printer

  • Description

    The Voxel OX is the super-sturdy 3D printer and CNC platform we designed for our 3D printing shop. It uses V-slot extrusion, polycarbonate wheels and aluminum carriages for solid construction. It can even mount a 400w spindle for CNC milling!


    ******Check out the Voxel OX build page on OpenBuilds******


    ******Highest rated build on OpenBuilds!!!******


    After having built several for clients that have contacted us directly, we decided to make it available as a 100% complete, fully tested and calibrated ready to order machine. Print quality rivals or exceeds that of even the most high-end and popular moving-bed 3D printers.


    Every machine is tested and calibrated before shipping for an easy out-of-the-box experience.


    Make this your first 3D printer or upgrade your existing machines. 


    A Voxel Ox 3D printer this is the most versatile tool in any shop.


    Send us a message if you have any questions.


    Main Features:

    • 8x8x7.5” build volume
    • Auto-leveling
    • Up to 75mm/s print speed and up to 200mm/s travel speed
    • Firmware using latest stable open source Marlin
    • Heated bed
    • 12v power supply
    • 3mm filament (supports any generic J-head hotend including 1.75mm
    • Supports any material designed for FDM 3D printing (PLA, ABS, NinjaFlex TPU, nylon and more)
    • 100% assembled, tested and calibrated. Setup instructions included.
    • Personalized email support for your 3D printer provided by us with a 1-year parts replacement and repair policy.


    Linear axis and frame:

    • Fully open source design, hardware, and firmware
    • 20mm x 80mm and 20mm x 60mm black V-Slot frame
    • Lead screw driven Z axis
    • Belt driven X and Y axis
    • Adjustable Y axis tensioner
    • Trackable belts for X/Y axis
    • Each axis is expandable up to the maximum OpenBuilds extrusion profiles and available lead screw with very few parts.
    • Mounts any Greg's wade extruder (custom Wade's STEP files included)
    • Mount option for 400w spindle
    • Upgraded inductive sensor circuit (capacitor for voltage smoothing and diode protection added)


    A couple short 20x20mm extrusions make the universal extruder mount that can be used to mount cooling fans and various accessories.


    This design is easily extendable by changing a small number of parts. Want it 16in tall? Just change the (2) z-axis rails and add (2) longer lead screws. Want the y-axis longer? (1) rail and longer belt is all that's required. The x-axis can be extended by changing the top and bottom frame, x-axis rail (3 pieces) and longer belt.


    Ships to your door via Greyhound Package Express (5-7 days).

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