5mm x 8mm Flexible Motor Shaft Coupler

5mm x 8mm Flexible Coupler

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Material: Aluminum
Shaft: 5mm X 8mm
Length: 25mm (.98")
Outer Diameter: 20mm (.79")

  • Description

    Aluminium flexible couplers (precision clamping type) are excellent for shaft connections on RepRap 3D Printers and CNCs. Grub/set screws included.


    This high quality aluminum flexible coupling can be used to connect your stepper motor to your lead screw.  The flexibility will help with any misalignment there might be.


    Works for 5mm Nema 17 motor shafts and 8mm lead screw. 



    Material:  Aluminum
    Shaft: 5mm X 8mm
    Length: 25mm (.98")
    Outer Diameter: 20mm (.79")


    NOTE: Please make sure that the coupling is tightened all the way down. With diameter tolerences you may find these couplings grab at the end of the adjustment limit. So, really give them a good tightening to ensure they grab.



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